Gioma Bikestand’s mission is to operate with professionalism, seriousness, precision, respecting fundamental values ​​such as quality and innovation. Its hand-crafted technical equipments are excellent, unique and appreciated in Italy and all over the world. Gioma Bikestand’s tools that can improve the work of people involved in this field, from mechanics of workshop to e-bike manufacturers, from shopkeepers to cyclists.

Gioma Bikestand is proud to belong to the cycle industry. The bike represents a passion for many, an amateur sport to be practiced in leisure time, for athletes a true sports profession. In both cases, women and men who are not afraid of fatigue and pedaling after pedaling, they give the best of themselves.

Gioma Biekstand’s technical equipments are designed and created for the care and maintenance of the bike, the most environmentally friendly land transport and zero CO2 emissions. By supporting the use of the two-wheeled vehicle that respects the planet, Gioma Bikestand contributes to promoting a healthy lifestyle, to containing the waste of non-renewable energy sources, to safeguard the environment in which we live and the nature.

Gioma Bikestand was born in the 90s by Francesco Latassa’s intuition in the field of repair of industrial vehicles and mechanical subcontracting, gaining great experience in the manufacture and assembly of motorcycle frames, minicar scopes, doors, precision machining, tube bending, welding (Mig & Tig ), Aluminum, stainless steel, steels, metal alloys. Design, patent and realize with 100% Made in Italy know-how, professional cycle maintenance counters, shop exhibitors, a range of expanding products.

Giomabikestand guarantees the quality of the products, perform pre-post assemblage tests to meet the end user’s needs, and is present at the most important national and international fairs and bike events.

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