Team, maintenance reclosable stand

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  • Locking of the central telescopic
  • Ideal for maintenance during races, reclosable and easily transportable with its optional hand bag
  • Standard equipment: tray with adapters for any bikes types, wheels with passing pins diameter 12, 15 and 20 "spinning top" D.Hill/MTB/Cross Country pins, single fork bikes, electric bikes, wheels with Fulcrum pins, rear forks with increased width 135/142 mm.
  • Optional kit: tray and adapters for rear passing pins diameter 12, available for rear fork with increased width 135/142/145/148/197 mm.
  • Passing pins rear fixing and chain sliding possibility
  • Front fork fixing
  • Possiiblity of locking BMX bikes
  • Telescopic support for locking front fork without wheel (with optional adapters in case of passing pins)
  • Front fork passing pin fixing without wheel
  • Optional tear proof handbag
  • Size: base 860 x 460 x h 940 mm
  • Weight Kg. 16
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